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Looking for a loan or a mortgage when you have a bad credit score or a bankruptcy in your name can be highly frustrating. With a record like that you should not be surprised if the big banks and financial institutions turn you away. Having insufficient income or an environmental issue surrounding the property you want to purchase can be equally bad news. Fortunately, you can get a private mortgage or alternative mortgage from individuals or private groups who are in it for a better return on their investment and do not care for your past records.

A private mortgage is an alternative financing option that involves a private lender providing funds to a borrower. This type of loan is typically pursued by borrowers who have been denied a mortgage or home refinance loan from a traditional bank or lending institution. Private mortgages are typically interest-only loans with a duration ranging from 6 months to 3 years. At CENTUM®, our knowledgeable mortgage agents specialize in locating the best private lender for your specific financial situation and needs.

Private lenders recognize that the criteria used by traditional lenders and banks can be too stringent, resulting in the rejection of borrowers who are fully capable of repaying their mortgages. Private lenders differ from banks in that they focus more on the property's value and condition instead of solely evaluating the borrower's credit score and income.

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