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Local Homeowner Outruns Mortgage, Claims 'Cardio for my Budget' is the Key to Success

Ready to ditch your mortgage debt and live mortgage-free? Check out our "how to guide" on paying off your mortgage faster. We'll show you the financial ninja moves you need to reduce your debt and save money on interest charges. It's like a financial game of whack-a-mole - knock down that debt with every payment. So put on your financial black belt and let's get started!

Increase your Payments Each Month

Paying off a mortgage can feel like an endless marathon, but increasing your mortgage payments is like crossing the finish line in record time. By putting a little extra towards your mortgage each month, you'll shave years off your mortgage term and save yourself thousands in interest. Think of it as a HIIT workout for your finances, giving your budget a healthy boost and strengthening your financial goals. So, lace up those budgeting shoes, grab a sweat towel, and get ready to sprint towards that mortgage-free finish line.

Make Bi-Weekly Payments

It's time to break up with your monthly mortgage payment and start seeing it twice a month. Making bi-weekly payments may sound like a complicated math problem, but it's actually an easy way to pay off your mortgage faster. By splitting your monthly payment into two smaller payments, you'll end up making an extra full payment each year. It's like finding money in your couch cushions, except it's your own money that you're using to pay off your mortgage sooner. So, say goodbye to the monotony of monthly payments and hello to bi-weekly payments, the financial equivalent of a spicy latte to start your day off right.

Round Up your Payments

Ready to make your mortgage payments a round number? Say goodbye to odd cents and hello to a smoother mortgage experience by rounding up your payments to the nearest hundred or thousand. It's a simple trick that can make a big difference in the long run. By adding a little extra to each payment, you'll end up paying off your mortgage faster and saving money on interest. It's like ordering a large pizza instead of a medium - you get more bang for your buck and everyone's happy.

Make a Larger Down Payment

If you're ready to take the plunge into homeownership, consider taking a flying leap with a larger down payment. By increasing your down payment, you'll not only lower your monthly mortgage payments, but you'll also save money on interest in the long run. It's like buying a Costco jumbo-sized bag of chips instead of a single serving - you get more value for your investment. Plus, a larger down payment can give you more equity in your home and potentially make it easier to refinance later on.

Use your Tax Refund for Mortgage Payments

Got a tax refund burning a hole in your pocket? Instead of splurging on a new gadget or a tropical vacation, consider using it to pay down your mortgage. It's like getting a bonus paycheck from Uncle Sam and investing it in your future financial freedom. By putting your tax refund towards your mortgage, you'll reduce your principal balance and save money on interest in the long run. It's like getting a free upgrade to first class - you get more benefits without paying extra.

Shorten the Amortization Period

Ready for a shorter ride to mortgage freedom? Consider refinancing your mortgage to a shorter term, like a 15 or 20-year loan. By doing so, you'll save money on interest in the long run and pay off your mortgage faster. It's like upgrading from a compact car to a sports car - you get more speed and efficiency for your investment. Plus, refinancing to a shorter term can also lower your interest rate, which means more savings in your pocket.

Cut Out Unnecessary Expenses

Ready to trim the fat off your mortgage payments? Start by cutting out unnecessary expenses, like that daily latte or the monthly streaming service you hardly use. It's like decluttering your financial closet - you'll free up more room in your budget and save money in the process. By redirecting those extra funds towards your mortgage payments, you'll reduce your principal balance and pay off your mortgage faster. It's like hitting the financial reset button and giving yourself a fresh start. Grab those scissors and start cutting out unnecessary expenses, because a little snip here and there can add up to big savings.

Avoid Refinancing Too Often

Refinancing your mortgage can be tempting, like trying out a new hairstyle every week. But just like haircuts, refinancing too often can be costly and damaging in the long run. Each time you refinance, you'll incur fees and potentially reset the clock on your mortgage term. It's like constantly dyeing your hair - you'll end up with a tangled mess and regret. So, before you make a rash decision, consider the long-term benefits and costs of refinancing.

Make Extra Payments During Low-Interest Periods

Looking for the perfect time to make extra mortgage payments? Wait for low-interest rate periods to hit. It's like waiting for the perfect wave to catch - timing is everything. When interest rates are low, more of your payment goes towards the principal balance, allowing you to pay off your mortgage faster. It's like surfing the financial waves - you'll ride the momentum towards financial freedom. Keep an eye on interest rate trends and seize the opportunity to make extra payments when rates are at their lowest. It's like catching the perfect wave - you'll feel the rush of excitement as you ride towards a debt-free future.

Set Up Automatic Payments

Don't have time to manually make your mortgage payments each month? No problem - automatic payment systems have got you covered. It's like having a personal assistant for your finances - you set it and forget it. By automating your mortgage payments, you'll never miss a due date and potentially avoid late fees. It's like having a virtual butler - your financial chores are taken care of.

Pay Down the Principal Balance

Want to be a principal player in your mortgage game? Pay down your principal balance. It's like being the MVP of your financial team - you'll be making the big plays. By paying more towards your principal balance, you'll reduce the amount of interest you'll pay over the life of your mortgage. It's like a financial hack - you'll be saving money without even trying. Plus, paying down your principal balance can help you build equity in your home faster. It's like hitting a financial home run - you'll be rounding the bases towards a debt-free future.

Make a Lump Sum Payment

Looking for a way to give your mortgage debt a one-two punch? Make a lump sum payment - it's like a knockout blow to your balance. By putting a large sum of money towards your mortgage, you'll reduce your overall debt and save money on interest charges. It's like giving your mortgage a financial karate chop - you'll be breaking through that debt in no time. But remember, a lump sum payment means parting with a chunk of cash.


Paying off your mortgage faster can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and strategies, it's possible to reduce your debt and save money on interest charges. Whether it's making extra payments, refinancing to a shorter term, or cutting out unnecessary expenses, there are many ways to accelerate your mortgage payments and achieve financial freedom. By taking small steps and staying focused on your goal, you can become mortgage-free sooner than you think. Don't wait - start acting today and make your dream of a mortgage-free life a reality.