Digital Mortgage Experience With A Human Touch

Digital Mortgage Experience With A Human Touch

When the shut down happened, we were able to continue helping our clients with their mortgage needs because we use some of the best digital technology in the industry, but make no mistake, a purely digital online mortgage process does not provide you with the expertise you deserve in the home buying process.

Determining how much you can afford, and whether or not you qualify for a mortgage are important first steps when deciding to buy a home.  Sometimes this process can seem daunting, so using an online digital platform can make that easier, but is it effective?

As mortgage brokers, we ensure the process is both quick and easy as well as thorough.  We collect information from you, our borrowers using the latest secure technology that provides you with the ability to upload your information directly from your computer, or mobile phone.  Then, we personally review that information for accuracy and to clarify anything we feel could pose a problem further along in the process.  We are able to communicate with you in the comfort of your own environment, using a variety of forms of communication; text, email, social media dm’s, or phone…whatever you prefer.

There is no need to wait for days or even weeks to get an appointment with a bank, and there is no need to rely solely on the artificial intelligence of an exclusively digital online process.

Having a local mortgage broker on the other end of a digital platform is important because we live and work in your community so we understand the little nuances that the artificial intelligence of a purely digital online platform can not.

For example, when we get an application from a client indicating they work full-time hours, we may know from living in the community that the jobs in that industry are typically considered contract employment, which can have an impact on the approval. We know to ask more questions, whereas the artificial intelligence of a purely digital platform will process the information as it is received and provide a “pre-approval” without having accurate facts.  If this was you, consider how you would feel making an offer based on the pre-approval and then learning that you can not be approved because contract employment is treated differently than full-time permanent employment. Unfortunately, with the artificial intelligence of a purely digital process, there is no one to clarify the situation upfront.

We care about our clients, and it is important to us that we check our facts and have accurate information to provide you with the best advice when making one of the most important financial decisions of your life!

We also care about our realtor partners. We want them to know that they can depend on our advice and that we are careful to do a thorough analysis of your information and provide accurate pre-approvals.  We hope that working with us in advance of your home search helps to give your realtor an added level of confidence in your financing, and if either of you has a question regarding financing at the critical time of making the offer, you'll know you can reach your mortgage broker immediately by text, email or direct messaging whereas finding someone to contact through the purely digital process can be difficult and time-consuming.

We are Centum Mortgage Partners, our mortgage brokers are skilled professionals offering you the quick and easy process of a digital application platform with the reliable professional advice of a human advisor.  Why settle for less?

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