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Finding a great mortgage can be stressful and time-consuming. The Mortgage Professionals at ­CENTUM Mortgage Partners, have ­been successfully delivering the best mortgage service to Islanders for years and we want to continue to be your Mortgage Partners of choice ­for many years to come!

Our agents not only have an abundance of financial experience from various backgrounds, they also understand the need for professional, ethical and efficient service.

Finding the right mortgage for you is our business. We know which lenders have the products you need at the best rates. What's more, we know the application process and have the expertise required to present the lenders with a proposal for financing which is sure to be approved, and we do all the paperwork! CENTUM Mortgage Professionals are compensated by the lenders, so in most cases we offer our services free of charge to our clients.

At CENTUM Mortgage Partners, we're always looking out for your best interest.®


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What do our clients say about us?

Kim was recommended to my wife and I when we began our looking into buying our first home. From the beginning Kim did a fantastic job at helping us feel comfortable and relaxed, and not feel like our finances were under a microscope. She discussed what options we had based on our current affairs, and what we could do if wanted to change that picture – this was a tremendous help. Not only did she tell us what we could afford, but she provided us with a list of actions that we could take to improve our finances (not just for the home-buying process, but in general). We had met a few stumbling blocks along the way in our home search, but Kim was always there, be it at 8:00am or 10:00pm at night. For this, we are forever grateful. She was an amazing help and resource, and I don’t think the home buying process would have been the same without her. I highly recommend her to all my friends and family! 

-- Joey Knott 

Anytime we've ever dealt with Kim Reddin, whether it be for mortgage advice before a purchase or renovation, or an actual mortgage transaction itself, she has always been extremely informative and more than happy o help; particularly in our last project.  We had no idea how to proceed and Kim was so very helpful in showing us many financing option and suggestions on what would be the most cost-effective and simplest way to get to where we needed to be in order to be able to build our addition.  She was very proactive and made us feel that she cares about us and our future.  The next time we decide to buy/sell or build/renovate, we'll be going to Kim to talk about our mortgage options.  Going to Kim is the easiest decision in building/renovating or buying a home!

-- Kelley Mooney


The Power of Pre-approval

With home buying season upon us, most people will dive right in with a loose budget. A loose budget however, can be dangerous if your heart gets set on a home that is out of reach financially. The first thing that any potential buyer should do is get pre-approved for a mortgage. Once approved, buyers can shop within a clear budget and focus the search on properties within a specific price range. ...

Not All Mortgage Penalties Are Equal

This is a story about Joe and Sue. Two different people with similar mortgages, but very different prepayment penalties.  Joe and Sue each buy a house at the exact same time for the exact same price and get a mortgage for the exact same amount. The only difference is Joe uses a Big Bank, and Sue uses a monoline lender for their mortgages. Let’s assume they both received a rate of ...

8 Things to Avoid After a Mortgage Preapproval

You have word from your agent letting you know you are pre-approved for a mortgage. This is an exciting time as you are well on your way to purchasing a new home. A preapproval is usually good for 60 to 120 days depending on the lender. If you do not purchase a home within this time frame, the lender may require you to get preapproved again. Therefore, it is important to continue the great behavior ...