Chinese Consumers Dominant Force In Next Decade

Chinese Consumers Dominant Force In Next Decade

Some interesting highlights emerged from the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) conference in Montreal last week.

Senior economist for CIBC World Markets Benjamin Tal pointed to Chinese consumers and those from other emerging markets as driving forces in the future global economy. According to a report by Mortgage Broker News, Tal urged mortgage brokers and Canadian companies to think about their industries in global terms. 

He also suggested that the U.S. Housing market will take years – not months – to rise from the depths and push American homeowners out of negative equity.

Canada’s situation is pretty rosy by comparison. Popular mortgage news site Canadian Mortgage Trends points to presentations at the CAAMP conference by three prominent industry representatives from the U.S., Australia and Canada that show Canada’s mortgage industry as having a strong showing on the world stage.

CENTUM was at the conference and by all accounts it was a great event. 

CAAMP has 12,000 members representing 1,500 companies in Canada. The association offers education for both mortgage consumers and industry professionals.

This holiday season, think about buying yourself the gift of putting a lump sum payment on your mortgage (if you can do it without penalty). 

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