Beef With The Bank?

Beef With The Bank?

It has been all over the news this past week, Canadians across the country are outraged that our banks would outsource jobs to temporary workers and lay off people to do so.  Not only are people crying foul, but if rumours are true, many are closing their accounts with the big five and moving their business to Credit Unions and other smaller institutions.

Some in the media have argued that it is the nature of being a part of a global economy.  That might be true and it might not be.  The realtiy for many people is that it does not, and will not, diminish the emotion behind the outrage felt by so many people.

In Canada we are very fortunate in that we have options because  there are other banks and institutions that can provide us the service we require.  It all depends on personal choice and if you decide that you can't support the big five, that is a decision that only you can make.

Choice is something that mortgage brokers in Canada give you when you are seeking home financing.  Instead of having to select from one brands choices, you get to choose from multiple options.  It is much like eating on one restaurant as opposed to being in an area where there are many restaurants.  Brokers pull all of the different options together for you, and they help to ensure that the mortgage you end up with fits your goals, lifestyle and tolerance for risk.  We can't forget that they also typically can get you a lower rate than your bank will give you!

At CENTUM we pride ourselves on being considered one of the most innovative companies in the mortgage industry in Canada.  With our more than 2600 representatives across the country we have access to the lowest rates and a huge selection of products for you.  We strongly believe that every Canadian serves to have the right to experience financial freedom, and it is our job to give you the mortgage advice so that you can do just that.

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