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Bill Blake

Mortgage Associate
Licence #: 316585
Direct: 3065016989
Mobile: 3065016989
Fax: 3067519298


Mortgage Advice You Can Trust

With 15 years of mortgage experience, I understand mortgages.  I pride myself on providing outstanding customer service so that your mortgage experience is easy and enjoyable.  Most importantly, I work for you, not the bank or lender…ensuring great rates and options that will save you money! 

Buying or Building?  Whether you are buying or building a new home, qualifying for a mortgage approval is basically the same.  We will look at your income, credit history and expenses…making sure that your new mortgage payment is affordable.  As well, we will discuss downpayment options, fixed/variable interest rates and how the approval process works.  Other important questions to answer are:

If you are a first time homebuyer…

·         What other closing costs are there? 

·         How does your deposit relate to your downpayment? 

·         How do you add renovation costs to your mortgage?

If you are an existing home owner…

·         Do you need to sell your existing home before you buy?

·         How do you access a deposit for the builder/seller?

·         How do you access a downpayment if you haven't sold?

Renewing or Refinancing?  With Centum, I often have access to lenders that charge NO FEES* when you renew or refinance your mortgage with a different lender.  For both scenarios, switching your mortgage is easy – once approved, I will find a lender that has a great rate and the flexibility that you want in your mortgage.  If you have other debts, refinancing your mortgage is often the best way to help you save money and manage your payments …as mortgage rates are substantially less than loan or credit card rates. 

Investment Property? Second Home? Vacation Home? Private Lending?  You bet, I can help!  Though these types of properties can be harder to qualify for, the multiple lenders I work with provide you with more choice, making it easier to be approved.


Serving: Regina
Languages Spoken: English

Lowest Rates* in Canada

Lowest Rates* in Canada
Term Our Rate Bank Rate
3 Year Fixed 3.24% 3.49%
5 Year Variable 2.70% 3.45%
5 Year Fixed 3.34% 3.79%
September 18, 2018

Updated: August 01, 2017

Rates may vary between geographic regions and the posted rates on this website may not be available in your area. Please contact your local CENTUM office for more details.

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