A Sense Of Family

A Sense Of Family

We often hear about companies that strive to create a culture of welcome and support for their employees and customers.  Culture is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of any business because it directly reflects on much more than just an employees experience.  It has a significant impact on the customer and their relationship with our brand.

CENTUM is a part of the Charlwood Pacific Group of companies, a family owned business that has helped to change the lives of Canadians for over 40 years.  We are a company of people from across the country with many cultural backgrounds that have come together to help Canadians achieve their dreams.  

When CENTUM was founded over 12 years ago our vision was to provide Canadians with sound mortgage advice which enabled them to make smart home ownership decisions.  Our tag line, Looking out for your best interest, is about much more than just a good interest rate.  It is about making sure that when one of our mortgage professionals are assisting you that your needs, your goals, and your future is all taken into account.  It is why CENTUM has successfully helped tens of thousands of Canadians obtain the right mortgage for their individual and family circumstances.

Owning a house or a condo is about more than just having a piece of property to call your own.  It is about creating a home, a place where you will create memories.  A home is about you, and the life that you build for yourself and future generations.  It is about family, no matter what that family looks like.  Your home is a special place where you gather and share your lives.

CENTUM is a very proud supporter of the Children's Wish Foundation and the great works that they do to provide a moment of respite for terminally ill kids.  The picture above shows us with a Wish Family and we were overjoyed to share an evening with them at the Dream Gala in Toronto this past October.

There are many types of families in our world today, each unique but bound by a common ideal, to share in life’s experiences and support each other.  At CENTUM we believe strongly in that core sense of family, it is what drives our business forward.  

As we come to the close of another year, we would like to thank you our customer, and each member of the CENTUM family for your support.  We hope that 2015 brings each of you joy and that your dreams come true.

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