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lower rates are they going to stop

one of the biggest questions I get asked all the time,

"When are the rates going to go up and  by how much?"
Now of course if I knew exactly when and by how much than I would be a rich man. However, there are things that mortgage broker look when it comes to predict when the rates are going up.  It is true that I listen to the news and hear what everybody hears.  But I also listen to my clients, yes that is right. Our clients give us hints every time we speak to them. they tell us how the job marketing is doing, they will tells us what their friends are doing and how their jobs are doing. I listen at every opportunity, even though my wife questions if I do really listen to everything that everybody says to me. After All, she says I do not listen to her when it is time to take the garbage out. But of course that is another kind of listing.  But seriously, when your clients come to you and let you know that they are not getting a raise, and that they mean get a roll back, that tells you a lot about the economy. 

here is my prediction for the next 2 years. rates will stay low, under 4% for a 5 year fix until 2014.  Prime will not increase until 2014.
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