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Spending Christmas in your own home, that can still be done

One of the biggest question I get asked,  is there a change to move into your new home before Christmas. While I am not a realtor, I know on the mortgage front we do many mortgages in the month of December and nothing makes feel better than putting together a mortgage for a client and have them move into their home before Christmas.  

That is why Finding a mortgage broker who has the experience and is willing to make sure that your mortgage is the right mortgage for you makes all the difference.  I have seen to many times what should have been a wonderful experience for the client they were put into the wrong mortgage product and in turn, their wonderful house experience has turned into a nightmare.   So do yourself a favour, and make sure you ask a lot of questions and be open to suggestion.  I want to make sure your mortgage experience is an experience you want to tell your friends.  
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