Centum Mortgage Brokers do more than just mortgages...We help people lives

In the past few months, I have notice an incredible up take in mortgage transaction from our group. Our office,  Centum Professional Mortgage Group, which is located in Lethbridge, Alberta, has a reputation that our brokers go above and beyond the call of duty.

Last month, one of my associate Chris Marriner, did a mortgage for a new to Canada. The mortgage was very straight forward and most associate could easily have done this type of mortgage.  But what made this transaction different, was what Chris did after he took the application.  During the mortgage application Chris found out that the client children were all starting new schools and they had no idea where to go. The previous broker told them there are a lot of school and to just pick one.  Chris knew that they need more info.  He took upon himself to find out the best school for the children and even helped them enroll.  

Chris is not the only associate with this type of mind set.  Our Lethbridge Associates can tell you many stories of how they helped out clients, but they do not think this is anything special, to them it is what we do.  We do more than just mortgages we believe that we help people lives.

Vittorio Oliverio
Centum Professional Mortgage Group
Lethbridge, AB

P.S. we have the pleasure of doing mortgage for many clients who do not live in Lethbridge, we have done mortgages all across Canada. if you require a mortgage or get a 2nd opinion please feel free to call us 1.403.380.4413
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