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Lowest Rates* in Canada

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At Centum Home Lenders, we are always looking for your best interest. As you may know, the mortgage industry has been hit by the federal governement in the last years with new regulations and qualifying tools in place to slow down the market. Mortgage brokers became extremely valuable to the industry in many ways since those changes happened. New rules coming in place in January 2018. Now is a good time to get pre-approved!

Here’s a few reasons why people come to us and why you should consider as well;

1.       Our expertise in the industry. We know where to get the best products for our clients. In most case, the best interest rate is not the best product but we also have products with lower rates for those who are looking for the lowest rates possible. 

2.       Some bankers don’t have the knowledge other than offering their clients a credit card since they are pushed by the management to sell, sell, sell. We will look at your financial situation and give you an honest advice on how to achieve your goals. If you need to consolidate some debts to get lower payments to buy a house, we can certainly look at this option.

3.       If your bank can’t secure a mortgage because of their policies, this doesn’t mean that all the banks have the same policies. In fact, there are a lot of difference with all the lenders out there and we all know them very well.

4.       Also, we deal with past bankruptcy clients which is not offered by most of the banks. Here’s how to qualify after a bankruptcy. 

-          You need to be discharged from the bankruptcy for at least 2 years. 

-          You need a minimum of 2 new loans or credit cards with a limit of at least $1,000.  

-          No delinquent on repayments after the bankruptcy on any utility or trade lines. 

-          Those trade lines need to be active for a minimum of 2 years.

-          Down payment must be from your own resources for a purchase. 

Here's a good advice if you are looking to buy a house in the near future;

If you are thinking at buying a house in the next couple months or even in a few years, you should really talk to me to prepare yourself for that big step. I stongly recommend not to obtain new loans before buying a house. We use a debt ratio to qualify for a mortgage. Taking that new loan could really affect your ability to purchase a new house. 


At CENTUM, we're always looking out for your best interest.™