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Naseer Chaudhry

Naseer Chaudhry, AMP

Owner/Mortgage Broker

CENTUM Above All Financial Inc.

995 McPhillips Street , Unit 2

Winnipeg, MBR2X 2K3
Direct: 204-294-1194 Cell: 204-294-1194 Personal Fax: 204-415-5585

Lowest Rates* in Canada

Welcome to my Website

I have been in this industry for well over 10 years. I lived in the USA for 25 years and have been involved in Real Estate, Insurance and Financial sector, one way or the other. Before that, I was in Retail & Restaurant Management for about 15 years and dealt with customers on every day basis. One thing that helped me was that I always focus on customer's needs and what is the best solution. To me the only policy that I need to remember is that the customer is happy with what we are doing. That approach helped me achieve great results in all areas. 

Also, being very active in the community, I was very always been there to help people. Whether they are buying or selling or credit issues, I always volunteered to help. Once people found out how I helped someone and did not charge anything at all, they all would turn to me for answers. I learned all what I had to by helping people. Yes I did go to school but I don't think you can learn everything unless you go through the practical side of it.

Once in real estate and insurance, I did very well as I had solid foundation of how to take care of customers and clients. I have been in Winnipeg since May 2009 and so far have done far better than an average Broker only because I put the clients first. I don't just do a mortgage; I focus on what will be the best option. So many times I have said no to clients as they were not ready to buy a home or refinance. I work with credit issues and try to help everyone to make sure that they fix what needs to be fixed. I do not charge anything at all for all the guidance they need. By putting someone back on their feet, I have established a very solid referral base.

I also developed myself as commercial financing expert and have done several projects. Based on my knowledge and capability to work with people, I also provide complete project management. We just finished an Esso redevelopment project in Elie, MB. From the beginning to end, I was involved in every aspect of the project and now it is a very successful running business with great potential for future as Tim Horton is planning to become a joint partner in this location. Currently, I am working on several new construction projects and also providing all the assistance in other areas.

I have hundreds of satisfied clients and only because I will always focus on what is right and good for client. My ex-boss told me once that we are here to make money and I told him yes we are and that is why I made more than double than you did but in a different way.

I also assist with all phases of any transaction. I network with all other partners so that client is not going through any headaches.

I would love to be the one who can assist you in Financing, insurance and any other related services.

I am very confident that you will have nothing but good things to say

Looking forward

Naseer Chaudhry



Community Involvement

  • We were part of Punjab Pavillion last year and also this year, we are planning to help. We managed food and admissions.
  • We are also Builder with Gimme Shelter Foundation
  • We have sponsered Soccer teams and helped with what we can
  • Also part of Several other groups


  • Specialized in residential and commercial financing
  • Expert in credit analysis and working with collections agencies and credit reporting agencies
  • Working with all regulatories bodies in helping clients
  • Life insurance agent
  • Group benefits for small business owners

Personal Interests

Mostly love doing what I do and also spend time with kids as they are doing different sports. Last year they played with Dakota and did very well.

This year they are with Bonnie Vital

Professional Background

Attended U.S Naval Academy in 1988  and several other training courses through out the years.

Best Leadeship awards and Top Performer

Licensed in USA in Reals Estate, Life Insurance. in 2003

Mortgage Boroker in Ontario in 2008

Licensed as Life Insurance Agent and Mortgage Broker  in Maniotoba

Professional Interests

I am member of CAAMP and an AMP

Member of Advocis


Did High School in Pakistan

General Info

Now I know consumer have choices and they should shop around. The issue is that banks are there to make money. They are limited to promote what they have. They cannot do anything to help anyone if their guidelines do not permit them. Their hands are tied with so many rules and regulations. I, on the other hand can guide clients to several different directions and advise freely. Also we get paid by the lenders so it is all free to clients. We are not limited by any rules as to how much can we help our clients. In this business we have to make our clients happy so that they can refer more of their friends and family to us, so all in all we have to do what is right. I have helped people even if they go to RBC or Scotia. The reason is that they are free to choose, we have to just do the best to help them no matter what.