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Voter apathy has been an issue not only here in Canada but in many other democratic countries around the world for a long time. While it exists amongst all gender, age etc groups, the youth are critical to change going forward. Don't quote me but I did hear that if a person hasn't voted by the time they reach something like 25, they will never vote, they will never excercise their rights as they age. What happens then? As the few 40+ voters that exist now age and pass away, there is no one to come behind to make a difference.
We are seeing vote mobs across campuses throughout the country. The youth are getting the message that if they want change, they have to initiate it. Advance polls are showing greater numbers than ever, anecdotally more youth than ever before. That is a heartening sign that people, old and young, are getting the message.
Today is Election Day in Canada. Today the news reached the world that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Let's make this a great day for democracy and freedom of choice by having the greatest voter turnout in our history.
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