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Using a Mortgage Broker...

I am a mortgage broker with an Accredited Mortgage Professional designation (see and an unbiased professional through which you can arrange mortgage financing for the purchase of your first home. 

Many of my clients are first time homebuyers and I really enjoy working with this group.  My whole working life (starting in 1991 with RBC and then going on my own in 2004) has been dedicated to helping people get into a new home. I enjoy answering questions of all kinds and helping through the complete process from recommending other professionals you will need through to advising on the typical costs associated with buying your first home (legal fees, closing costs, and those little extras to expect when you first move in). 

I do not charge fees for my service.  If you like working with me and we ultimately find you a mortgage, the lender who we use will pay a referral fee.  If we find you aren't quite ready to get a mortgage, I will build you a Mortgage Plan so that you will know exactly what you need to do to get into that new home as soon as possible.

The “process” of using a mortgage broker is similar to going directly to the bank with the exception that I do not work for any particular lender, but with many, so I am able to provide unbiased professional advice.  I communicate through email, text, phone and many sources of social media, but what most people like best about using a mortgage broker is that the interest rate you will get is typically well below the banks posted rate!  Because we use the banks wholesale channel rather than their retail branches to arrange your financing, it is less costly for them to have your mortgage done through a broker.  Oh, and don't forget, there are many great non bank lenders out there with great products too!!

It would be my pleasure to help you arrange financing for your first home!

Find me on facebook, twitter, email text or phone 902.626.8977!

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