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The House is a MESS!

Well, it's been a month since my first post about the home renovations I'm doing.  The bathroom renovations started as promised on February 24th and I have to say, Mr Plumber is doing an amazing job!  The only real glitch was when I picked out flooring at the wrong place and because of that it wasn't ready when they were ready so I may have caused a one week delay, but that was my fault!  

So as with any renovations, when one project gets started, a bunch more seem to crop up, so although I anticipated a relatively smooth transition, it turns out that my house is turned upside down.  I am walking over drop sheets or plastic and have plaster dust on coffee comes out pasty white and chunky in the mornings, so I've been a regular at Starbucks (good excuse)!  I am sleeping on the couch and have to be up ahead of schedule so I'm not greeting all the people who come to my house in the mornings in my PJ's.  All my clothes have been moved to a storage closet to avoid the plaster dust and everything that used to be in my bathroom is... somewhere...

I go to work exhausted and look like I slept in my clothes because I can only find so many things and when I put them on in the dark downstairs bathroom all the colors look the same.  But as exhausting as it is, it is also a lot of fun to watch the transition and I know it will be amazing when it is done... in one more week...right guys?

Here are some in progress pics...

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