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TRUST your gut!

When you are working with someone regarding your finances, TRUST is such an important element of the relationship!  

Trust doesn't just happen, it is built through actions, but it is so much more.  In order to trust someone with the confidentiality of your finances and to provide you with quality advice, you would want to know the professional had an educational background and a good amount of experience in the subject matter.  

To trust the professional you are working with, you should feel comfortable with their answers to your questions and their advice. It should sound logical to you.  A trustworthy professional spends time continuing to educate themselves and working towards improving their profession. They are aware of the most current developments in the economy and their industry.  If they aren't able to explain to you why it might not be a good time for you to take a variable rate mortgage, or whether it is currently a buyer's or seller's market etc., they may not be the person you should be working with. As my Dad always says, "trust your gut"!  If you have an uncomfortable feeling about the person you are working with...walk away!  

Trust is earned and felt and you should feel very comfortable with the professional you are working with when arranging financing for your home.  The right mortgage professional has a passion for their work, they respond right away to your inquiries and they provide you with real solutions.  During your search for a home, they become involved in your life because they are an important part of the home buying process.

You will know if you are working with the right your gut!

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