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My Reno Quest

And so it begins...
I am often on the "financing side" of the table when my clients are taking the plunge into home renovations, so I "SEE" the excitement, the stress, frustration and ultimate relief when the job is done, but I don't always "FEEL" the pain in the moment and the joyous relief at the end, but I am about to live through it.  

Don't get me wrong, I have lived through many various home renovation projects in the past, but this is personal...this is my bathroom!  I have survived a kitchen renovation, but it was more of a temporary vacation from cooking, a lot of eating out, and hey...I didn't really mind that, well, for the first month or so anyway.  But this is different, this is my bathroom!  How do you get along temporarily without your bathroom?  Maybe I will join a gym and use their showers...finally, a reason to go & get my money's worth!

Yesterday I took the first step and went looking around for ideas of what I might put in my new bathroom and truthfully, it terrifies me because I struggle with design.  I guess in the end I shouldn't worry too much because whatever I pick has to be better than the baby blue toilet that's there now!

This looks nice...

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