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Does Square Footage Equal Happiness?

So...did you know the homes many of us live in are likely more than double the size of the homes our grandparents lived in? In today's times of increasing energy costs and lifesyle changes, I think a shift to smaller more energy efficient affordable homes is on the horizon.  

Over the last decade or so, we seem to have been building to the theme "Bigger is Better", but are we really living in the homes we love and enjoying this lifestyle?  Have we grown more distant as a family because of the spacious abodes we call home? Have you ever had to text your family member inside your own house because supper was ready and you didn't know which room they were in?

I think as we start to consider the high cost of heating the large spaces and the time it takes to cut the grass and wash all those windows, we may reconsider what it is we really want.  Many of us like to go out to socialize, and no longer entertain at home, so do we really need a livingroom and a family room? An eat-in kitchen and a diningroom?  Some of the best kitchen parties I've been to certainly weren't in the diningroom!  

I like this article by CMHC on the evolution of housing, and I think in the near future, there will be a growing market for smaller more affordable family homes.  Personally when my kids grow up and leave the house, I may hit the road in one of these... tiny houses

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