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Why use a mortgage broker

Do you want the mortgage with the best terms and rates possible?  For most everyone the answer is yes.  However, many people still take the mortgage product offered by their bank without shopping around.

When dealing with a bank, you are only negotiating with one lender and only for their limited line-up of products.  Even if you have been a long time customer of a bank, does not mean you will be offered the best rates possible.

Jeff, through CENTUM Pacific Mortgages Inc. deals with many lenders, from financial institutions to private lenders, and is able to provide for her clients the best mortgage possible from a vast array of financing options from all the competing lenders in the market.  Each real estate transaction is unique and each lender caters its mortgage products to attract a certain sector of the mortgage loan business.

Jeff Trounsell

Cell: 778-960-1123
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