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Huma Chaudhry

Huma Chaudhry

Mortgage Agent

CENTUM Above All Financial Inc.

995 McPhillips Street , Unit 2

Winnipeg, MBR2X 2K3
Direct: 204-899-7587 Cell: 204-899-7587 Personal Fax: 204-415-5585

Lowest Rates* in Canada

Welcome to my Website


My background is in Client Services. I worked in USA for 15 years in this field and that has given me skills to excel in doing what is best for Clients. I moved to Canada in 2004 and that was the best decision, I have ever made. I started in Financial Services Sector as that fits perfectly with what my passion is. I have teamed up with CENTUM and other Brokers in our office, who share the same passion. Last few years, we have done very well in exceeding clients expectation and grew at a very fast pace, due to referrals. That tells us that the clients are very happy with our services.

My focus is always to do whatever it takes to help the client. We assist in all phases of Home Buying with our Network Partners. Due to our relationship, we can get things done faster and also smoothly.

You will find our team to be very honest, caring and always there to help you, 24/7 and yes you can call us on New Years eve to see if we answer the phone-WE WILL

 Here is what is My Commitment to you:

  • Full Disclosure of all terms and conditions
  • Lowest rate as compared to all other Institutions
  • Assist in all aspects of home buying, insurance, legal, appraiser, credit reports update, collection agencies, we work with all of them and we know how to get it done faster 
  • We always have some sort of reward program for our clients and Referral Partners

Our moto is