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Enza Venuto

Enza Venuto, CMP, CPMA, AMP

Owner/Mortgage Broker

Licence #: M08004038

CENTUM Intouch Mortgage Solutions

Licence #: 11789

19 Coalbrook Court

Woodbridge, ONL4L 9B7
Direct: 905-266-9986 Cell: 416-995-2381 Personal Fax: 905-265-1084

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Welcome to my Website

Enza Venuto is a Mortgage specialist with over 42 years of experience in the Financial Services industry. Prior to opening her own Brokerage, Enza held various management positions with one of Canada's leading banks. Her expertise and experience in various aspects of finance, investing and client relationship management has proven to be a value-added experience to every client situation.


Enza's  academic credentials include 

-   BA in Business with Seneca in 1975

-   Seneca Mortgage Brokerage Course 2009

-   Canadian Institute of Mortgage Brokers and Lenders (CIMBL)
-   Independent Mortgage Brokers Association (IMBA)
-   Campbridge -Whos-Who Women's Networking  


The team at Cenutm Streetwise Mortgages is focused on earning the trust of their clients by providing a highly customized lending advice and solutions to their complex and evolving needs.



Areas of Specialty


Centum Streetwise Mortgages is focused on the following areas of lending:


·        Financing Real estate portfolios ( residential and commercial)

We are investors with an educational background in real estate and with access to several lenders (including private). We have designed a disciplined process specifically catered to help our clients understand the short and long term investment goals.   


·       Assisting couples faced with a divorce situation settle any issues pertaining to the mortgage on the marital home and qualifying for a new mortgage.


Divorce is a life changing event that can have significant consequences on your finances now and in the future. Our mortgage specialist can work with you and your trusted partners to ensure that any implications to your existing mortgage or any new ones that need to be arranged are handled in an effective, confidential and cost effective manner


·         Financing a 1st home purchase

Buying your 1st home is an exciting and important life event. Being a first time home buyer means that you have many decisions to make as well as many questions. Centum Streetwise Mortgages will work with you to simplify the process, answer your questions, pre-approve your application so you can shop around with confidence and will help structure financing in a manner aligned with your goals and life style.



·       Financing a non- 1st home purchase


Most buyers have an existing first mortgage on their present home and in many cases buyers close the move-up home purchase before selling an existing residence. A Centum Streetwise professional  will work with you to reduce the costs associated with breaking your existing mortgage and reducing the hassle associated with home ownership overlap financing.



·         Financing a Business Purchase 

      You've just walked out of a business owner's office, who has grown an established,   profitable business that he is willing to sell to you for very favourable purchase terms at a fair price. But you have no idea how you are going to raise the necessary capital required to complete the purchase. Sounds familiar?

With a strong background in finance and access to several lenders (including private) , Our team here at Centum Streetwise Mortgages will work with you to explore various creative and cost effective options on how you can finance your purchase.


·        Mortgage Renewals

Many home owners default to the current lender when it is time to renew their mortgage. Stop and shop around before you renew. You can save thousands on your mortgage by doing so.

With access to many lenders (including banks), Let a Mortgage Specialist do the shopping for you and will find you the most competitive rates and terms on your next mortgage.

Five Reasons to Deal with us

1.We spend a lot of time listening to you and understanding your needs before proposing solutions

2.We make the process simple ,the decision making easy and we take the time to educate and provide great service to our clients

3.We know what we are talking about. With 42 years of financial services experience and education, our team a Centum Streetwise Mortgages can handle any situation.

4. We are non-biased in terms of the solutions we offer you. We have access to many products from several lenders and will propose what is best for your unique situation

5. Our clients love us and help us grow our business through referral