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News: Negative and Positive

It is normal for media to report the negative things that are happening around the world with only a small note on a couple of positive items. Generally depressing if you focus on the negatives too much, so lets talk about the positives.

I try to focus on the positive things that can keep me smiling each day, waking up to a sunshine filled day, enjoying time with my family and friends, being able to stay active with my favourite sports, etc. The list is endless but it is worth taking the time to appreciate these gifts.

Since I am a mortgage professional, I spend much of my time focussed on the products I deal with and how they can benefit my clients. According to the experts, interest rates are expected to hold steady for at least another year or more. Good news! Housing prices in my area, Newfoundland, are stabilizing after the past 3-4 years of strong growth. Good news! Canada has weathered the economic turmoil hitting the world better than most. Good news!

What does all this good news mean for you? The economic news for Canada means you have a stronger likelihood of having stable employment and earnings potential. Stable housing prices means that, as a home buyer, you have less risk of being pushed out of the market buy excessive price increases. Continued low interest rates means you still have time to get into a lower cost mortgage for your buying or refinancing plans.
WOW! Positive overload OR are you just interested enough to talk to your mortgage professional to learn more?

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