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Canadian Economy

  Chinese Consumers Dominant Force in Next Decade
Posted on Nov 26, 2010

Some interesting highlights emerged from the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) conference in Montreal this week. In his keynote presentation, a senior economist in Canada's banking industry pointed to Chinese consumers as a driving force in the next decade...
Housing Bubble Fears Appear Unfounded
Posted on Nov 16, 2010

A Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) report shows national housing activity slowing in 2011. However, prices are not predicted to collapse as many homebuyers fear. Overall, housing starts in Canada will slow to rates more in line with long-term trends...
Anti-HST Petition Continues to Gain Momentum in B.C.
Posted on Aug 20, 2010

Ending a week of anticipation among anti-HST campaigners in British Columbia, a B.C. Supreme Court judge ruled today that the anti-HST petition led by former Premier Bill Vander Zalm is constitutionally valid. The petition is inked with more than 700,000 voter signatures.
Canadian Employers Optimistic: Survey Shows
Posted on Jul 13, 2010

The latest Bank of Canada Business Outlook Survey reveals optimism, despite economic turmoil in Europe and a slow recovery in the U.S. The survey was conducted with senior managers of 100 businesses, selected in accordance with the composition of Canada's GDP.
Canadians’ Net Worth Improving
Posted on Jun 29, 2010

For the first time in seven years, Canadian GDP has outpaced credit growth, according to a CIBC World Markets report released today. After an uncomfortable increase due to the recession, debt-to-service ratios among Canadians are now flattening. Mortgage rates are...
Canadians in More Debt than Greeks?
Posted on May 11, 2010

The Certified General Accountants of Canada (CGA) released a study today showing a trend by Canadians toward investing in riskier assets, leaving them more prone to market fluctuations and financial stress.The study reveals a steady decline in investments by Canadians in ‘safe’ ...
Mass Retirements to Lower Boom on Economic Growth
Posted on Apr 28, 2010

A report released today by the Conference Board of Canada suggests that the exodus of the baby boomers from the labour market will slow Canada’s long-term economic growth after 2014. Until then, the report predicts that Canada will undergo an interim period of robust economic ...
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