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A Day in the life of a Mortgage Broker (part 2)…

If you hadn't seen part 1 and are interested in what happened before noon...check it out here

1:00 pm...Ok back from lunch…a realtor pops into my office for a visit.  He is telling me about an offer his clients want him to present which includes a “$5000 cash back on closing” to repair the roof.  I let him know that an offer like that will cause financing to be an issue because the lenders don’t like it and will deduct the $5000 from the purchase price which means the buyers have to come up with more cash.  We discuss the best way to proceed and he is able to present his clients a much better option, which saves them money, and saves his vendors the stress of waiting to hear if the buyers have their financing. 

Oops…it is 2:05pm…better call into the webinar about the state of the mortgage market in Atlantic Canada…we never stop learning!

Okay, 3:00pm…I’m out the door to go pick up my daughter at school.  My son texts to see what I’m thinking for supper…I say whatever you would like to make is great with me! 

3:45 pm...Back home, give the dog her meds and let her out…set up my laptop in the dining room, open email, check voicemail…it is a client calling about a post I put on social media about making sure First Time Buyers use their tax credit when filing their tax return.  We review a few of the first time buyer opportunities such as the RRSP withdraw program and the home buyers tax credit. We also discuss what to expect for legal fees and closing costs and the difference in pre-payment options and payout penalties from lender to lender.  I love first time homebuyers…they are so appreciative of the information.  I hope once the information settles in a bit she calls back to arrange a pre-approval!

5:00 pm...What do you know…my daughter cleans up the kitchen and my son starts supper!  What a great team!!

6:00...After supper, it’s time for Bruce and Boomer on CBC Compass of course, then respond to a couple of texts regarding private financing for a contractor who is building on spec…yes, we can do that too!  Arrange to meet him at the build site in the morning.

7:30pm...Reply to a couple of client emails, sit and relax with a glass of wine and talk with the kids about their day, watch a movie…give the dog her meds…let her out to pee then off to bed around 11:30.

then right back at it tomorrow...I love my job!  If I can help you out with your mortgage needs drop me a line here

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