Centum Mortgage Partner's Dream Christmas Gift Contest

What is on your Christmas list this year?


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Centum Mortgage Partners wants to know what's on your list this year.

 Let us know for a chance to win a $150 gift card on December 23rd. Enter today! 

Happy holidays from Centum Mortgage Partners Inc!


Contest Rules & Conditions

1) By clicking submit, you understand that you are entering Centum Mortgage Partners' Christmas Gift Contest

2) Contest commences on December 2, 2015 at 12:00 PM AST and ends December 23, 2015 at 12:00PM AST. Submissions will be accepted only during this period.

3) Contest is only open to all age of majority residents of the province of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Centum Mortgage Partner staff are not eligible to participate.

4) This contest is in no way administered by Facebook, it is the sole property of Centum Mortgage Partners Inc. and promoted via Facebook and other digital channels. 

5) One submission may be entered per contestant. Extra submissions will not be considered.  

6) Submissions that are offensive, sexist, racist, or inappropriate in any nature will not be accepted.

7) One (1) draw for $150 Sobey's gift card will take place on Decembe 23, 2015. 

8) All submitted photos / dream gift ideas become the property of Centum Mortgage Partners Inc. for future promotion. 


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