A Day in the Life of a Mortgage Broker - Part I

In my line of work I often get asked “Why should I use a Mortgage Broker…what do you do?  I could give you the “8 Reasons to use a Mortgage Broker” technical speak, but I find that makes me sound so BORING, so I’ve decided to share with you an example of my day.  I work from home, the office and “on the go”, so keep in mind I may be talking about replying to an email while waiting in the parking lot at my daughter’s school…that is actually a very common occurrence. So…here goes:


Worked ‘til midnight making revisions to a client’s application so when I present the lender with their request for mortgage financing they can be approved…woke up late…must get coffee!


Shoot…dog needs her meds…okay now, out you go to pee. 


​Opened email checking for a response from a client who I emailed late last night advising them renewing at 2.99% through “lender A” would save them over $8000 over “lender B’s” offer…yep, they are happy with the solution and wish to proceed.  I send an email back to let them know what we need to do next.

Run to the door to let the dog in…while I’m in the kitchen let’s grab some breakfast and put some lunch together for my teenager. She is not out of her room yet, she must be having a fashion crisis…looks like we will be even later.


​Phone buzzes…must answer text!  It’s a client having a mortgage emergency with their bank…can they come see me this morning? “Yes…I’ll be in by 9:00 see you then”.


Pack up work bag, computer, files, phone etc throw start of lunch prep to daughter to finish, feed the cat, run out to start the car, take the garbage out and wait for kiddo…there she is…we are ready to roll. 


Drop daughter to school…now to GET COFFEE! 


Arrive at the office…settle in just in time to meet first clients.  Turns out their bank will not use the rental income on their second property.  No problem, I have a lender who will use that…off we go…I send the application to the lender and advise the clients what documentation I need.

Next it’s time to check for a response from the lender for the clients I have been working with for over 6 months.  They are a wonderful family with 2 beautiful children who just want their own rooms.  When we first met, they had some credit issues and did not have a down payment.  I prepared a detailed plan for them to follow, which they did to a “T”.  We arranged for them to open an automatic savings plan and to get some debt paid down…they were awesome!  Yes there it is…their approval!  I call them right away and we arrange to meet and sign everything.  They are so excited…I hear their kids cheering in the background…I hang up the phone smiling!  :)

Wow…it’s noon…having lunch out with a realtor friend…


I’ll fill you in on the rest of my day in the next blog post here.  In the meantime, if you think you have a situation I could help you with get in touch…


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