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The Ready to Move-In Home vs. the Requires More Work Home

Buying a home is a complex problem requiring you to ask numerous questions about your lifestyle. What is a good location? What neighborhood best suits you? What is your budget? What are your basic needs? What kind of home do you envision yourself in? A new sleek and modern home in a trendy neighborhood? Or a simpler house in a small neighborhood? And lastly, how much work do you want to put into ...

Centum Financial Group Appoints New CEO

Centum Financial Group Appoints New CEO   VANCOUVER, BC (February 4, 2014) – Centum Financial Group, part of the Charlwood Pacific Group of companies (CPG), is pleased to announce the appointment of Martin Charlwood to the role of Chief Executive Officer. Concurrently, Don Lawby will be retiring from his important role as President and Chief Operating Officer of Centum Financial ...

Housing Bubble?

CTV reported that Minister Flaherty stated he would act again if needed to cool an over heated market.  For most Canadians this could translate in to stiffer rules when applying for home financing.  For most existing home owners changes would only have an impact if they choose to purchase a new home, refinance their existing mortgage, or at renewal time. When the United States had the market ...

Canadians Losing Money on their Mortgages

For most Canadians when shopping for a mortgage the simple solution is to walk through the doors of your local bank or credit union branch.  It seems to be that old saying "better the devil you know" is true.  We believe that the bank, trust company or credit union that we have been dealing with for years is the best place to be. In fact in 2012 a whopping 72% of people did just that ...

March out like a lamb

A Good Indication of things to come According to statistics released today by The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), national home sales edged upward on a month-over-month basis in March 2013.  Year over year sales are down, but the slight trend northward is a good indicator that we may yet have a strong spring market. If you are thinking of listing your home for sale now is the time to ...


The race to the bottom? There has been a lot of news about the Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty, contacting lenders and asking that they stop offering consumers a discounted interest rate.  Flaherty is quoted as calling these offers a race to the bottom and the minister is expressing deep concerns about the high level of consumer debt.  The question on most peoples minds seems to be... ...
Viewing All Posts. 6 Posts Found.
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