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Finding a great mortgage can be stressful and time-consuming. At CENTUM Mavin Lending Ltd., we've been successfully delivering the best rate for clients for nearly a decade.

Finding the right mortgage for you is our business. We know which lenders have the best rates and we negotiate with multiple lenders at one time. What's more, we know the system and have the industry knowledge required to present a proposal for financing to lenders to successfully obtain mortgage financing, and we do all the paperwork. Plus, CENTUM Mortgage Professionals are compensated by the lenders, and in most cases we offer our services free of charge to our clients.

At CENTUM, we're always looking out for your best interest.®


Are you a Millennial dependent on gifted down payment?

As home prices soar across Canada, millennials are being priced out of the market – unless they have the assistance of a gifted down payment from the “bank of Mom and Dad”.  Millennials are an eager group, born from the early 1980s to early 2000s, who have shown they too want to live the Canadian dream of home ownership. Just over one-third now own a home.  Statistics ...

Net Zero Housing Revolution

When it comes to new home development, there has been a new craze helping home owners reduce their impact on the environment and save money on their energy bills.  Net zero homes are designed to produce as much renewable energy as they consume, even allowing some home owners to supply extra electricity back to the grid to power other homes.  Conventional homes are typically 80% less ...

The Power of Pre-approval

With home buying season upon us, most people will dive right in with a loose budget. A loose budget however, can be dangerous if your heart gets set on a home that is out of reach financially. The first thing that any potential buyer should do is get pre-approved for a mortgage. Once approved, buyers can shop within a clear budget and focus the search on properties within a specific price range. ...