Build Equity

Monetary Equity in Your Business

Industry Leading Compensation

Lenders recognize the CENTUM Network as their fastest growing customer and pay top-tier volume bonuses to our Franchisees. Through our Preferred Lender Relationship Programs, more lenders choose to partner with us to develop exclusive business opportunities like our NEXSYS Underwriting Administration Service (UAS) and Customer Product Advisor (CPA)…offering you more. Lenders recognize that CENTUM is a true value-added partner with innovative programs that create value for the CENTUM Network and want to partner with us to help increase their sales and efficiency.

CENTUM Primo Mortgage Products – Industry Leading Best Rates and Commissions

Through CENTUM Canada’s Primo Mortgage Products, Franchisees can provide Agents the best rate for their clients and receive top commissions in return. Earn on average (based on 2009), over 130 bps in up-front commission with an exclusive renewal fee program that pays you on renewals. That means you automatically receive 60% of the up-front commission at the time of renewal. This opportunity allows you to attract and retain your clients throughout the term of the mortgage and potentially earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in renewal commissions each year. And, we offer you and your Agents our NEXSYS Underwriting Administration Service (UAS) on these products to handle all the administrative paperwork for you. Your UAS applications will receive preferred service levels and approvals within hours.

Mortgage Protection Plan - Earn up to 70% More Revenue per Mortgage Transaction

Mortgage Protection Plan will help increase your revenue by up to 70%, on average, per mortgage transaction.

Mortgage Protection Plan provides agents with the ability to protect their clients’ mortgages against Death, Disability, Critical Illness, and Involuntary Unemployment. With only 3% of clients sourcing out additional coverage on their new mortgage, 97% of your clients need some help in ensuring they, and their family, are protected in a time of need... and we will make sure you are ready.

With Mortgage Protection Plan Insurance, Agents could be trained to spend just an additional few minutes with each client to help ensure a client’s mortgage, Family, and Credit are protected.

Mortgage Protection Plan Insurance provides exclusive training that includes full training on the products, features, sales systems and unlimited Agent support seven days a week to maximize sales results.

NEXSYS Underwriting Administration Service (UAS) – Get Priority Status With Lenders

Offered absolutely free to most Brokers and Agents, you can say “good-bye” to the back and forth paperwork inefficiencies with lenders. With the Centralized Underwriting Administration Service (UAS), the Agent completes the application and the UAS will choose the lender based on the Broker’s agreement, get the lender commitment, handle all the document management, and make sure the transaction closes on time. Our exclusive NEXSYS Underwriting Administration Service (UAS) reduces wasted time and puts your transactions in priority with our core lenders, allowing Agents to do what they’re good at – selling mortgages! In some cases, you’ll even earn more commission than going direct to the lender yourself.

Customer Product Advisor - Increase Your Commissions

Customer Product Advisor (CPA) is the most effective web-based lender and best rate search product on the market. Use intuitive client criteria drop-downs and access a list of ideal lending institutions, products, lender guidelines, the best rates and more. Save valuable time and increase your commissions by placing tough transactions with the right lender at the best rate. Also, all lender rate changes and lender promotions are live when they happen and you’ll receive an automatic email notification when any lender makes a rate change on any product.*

*A monthly subscription cost applies; see the CENTUM Intranet for details.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Find out why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is right for you. Choose one of the options below that is most important to you:

  • The CENTUM AutoPilot CRM
  • Equity Builder Lead Generation CRM With Sales Mentoring – Grow Your Sales

The exclusive free CENTUM AutoPilot CRM is trademarked by CENTUM, and is fully integrated with Filogix. The AutoPilot CRM automatically downloads all the agent’s client transactions into one client database, eliminating any double-entry. The AutoPilot CRM also retroactively adds all past client transactions the agent has entered into Filogix over the years. The agent can easily add or delete from their contact list at anytime. The CENTUM AutoPilot CRM is web based and is a fully automated process for the agent. The agent receives an automated email monthly from CENTUM, and just needs to click “Yes Run AutoPilot” and a personalized newsletter and rate alert email prepared by CENTUM Financial Group will be sent to the agent’s contact list.

Increase referrals and build equity in your business today with The CENTUM AutoPilot CRM.

Equity Builder Lead Generation CRM With Sales Mentoring – Grow Your Sales

The Equity Builder Lead Generation CRM is fully integrated with Filogix and syncs all your client transactions into one database, eliminating any double-entry. It also retroactively adds all past client Broker transactions you have entered into Filogix over the years. This powerful client database and lead generation tool allows you to access client information, set up customized reporting and more.

There are two Sales Mentoring Programs available:

Advanced Sales Mentoring: learn from the Equity Builder Expert…proven traditional sales techniques on how to build a database of consumer contacts and how to market to those contacts for lead generation. This step-by-step coaching program can potentially increase your sales by up to $20 million in 2 years. You could achieve these volumes without spending thousands of dollars per year on advertising, not even close.

Social Media Sales Mentoring: learn from the Social Media Expert...this program focuses on proven techniques on how to build a database of consumer contacts and how to market to those contacts using online social media.

The step-by-step companion guides and training will help you to grow your business through word of mouth, existing clients, and referral sources. As a Broker or Agent you get so busy with client interviews, mortgage applications, lender follow-up, coordinating financing with clients, lawyers, and realtors that you feel you don’t have the time to implement the things that will help your business grow. Equity Builder can be your support staff. We’ll show you how to use Equity Builder Lead Generation CRM with Sales Mentoring to achieve your business “wish list”. Much of it will be automated. All of it will be relevant, professional, and incredibly helpful.

The Equity Builder Lead Generation CRM with Sales Mentoring includes tools and mentoring to build a database of consumer contacts, increase lead generation and retention.

Equity Builder Lead Generation CRM With Sales Mentoring includes*:

Powerful Database: Equity Builder retroactively adds all past client Broker transactions you have entered into Filogix over the years, so you have a client database for lead generation and retention on day one.

Single Entry: the intelligent Equity Builder platform syncs all customer transactions into your database, eliminating any double-entry.

Marketing and Leads: email notifications to remind you of files closing, mortgages maturing, and pre-approvals expiring. A client database allows you to get the right message to the right people at the right time.

Sales Campaign: email notifications of deals ready for insurance. Cross-sell an important product to your clients and earn up to 70% more revenue per mortgage transaction.

Pre-populated Forms: including insurance which populate automatically once a customer’s information is entered into the Filogix Expert mortgage application.

Work Flow: complete lender conditions management and document management capabilities.

Integrated Back Office Management: payroll, agent splits, audits, and full office and agent sales pipeline and sales reporting capabilities.

Plus, the Sales Mentoring Programes include*:

Unlimited Training and Support: a companion guide to build a book of business, unlimited access to weekly two hour Lead Generation Training Webinars, unlimited one-on-one Lead Generation Sales Mentoring email support and unlimited Equity Builder technical phone support which includes set-up of your own personal “dashboard”.

Marketing Campaigns: email templates specific to generating leads with hundreds of additional templates available.

Lead Generation Mentoring Training: focused on how to work with templates, how to work with labels and how to send/handle mass emails.

More Marketing and Leads: more email notifications to remind you of transactions approved, all applications submitted through Filogix, and client birthdays.

Sales Forecasting: reports that track commissions, performance against goals, mortgages maturing, and cash flow.

Reporting: reports that track clients by Agent, pre-approvals expired month-to-date (MTD) or year-to-date (YTD), and applicants with or without email addresses.

Can you or your Agents afford not to take advantage of this?

*A set-up fee and monthly subscription cost applies; see the CENTUM Intranet for details.

Lead Generating Websites

Potential clients can now find you; our Lead Generating Websites* are search engine friendly and are registered with more than 500 search engines. Get a fully customized website to meet your specific requirements with features like:

  • Video & Multimedia
  • RSS News Feeds to offer your clients valuable and highly relevant news
  • A Personal Blog for clients to interact with you
  • An online application that auto-loads your customer applications right into Filogix. When used with Equity Builder, any online applications submitted through your website are automatically loaded into Filogix and your contact list, and you will receive automatic email notifications of any new leads; no need for any double entry.

*A customization fee and monthly subscription cost applies; see the CENTUM Intranet for details.

Switching to CENTUM

Does the thought of making a change seem like a huge inconvenience and time consuming? At CENTUM, we are incredibly skilled at helping you make the change. We will work with you throughout the entire process and make the transition as simple as possible. As a Franchisee, once your transition is complete, our exclusive Equity Builder can automatically download all client and transaction information you and your office have ever entered into Filogix over the years; no double-entry required to create your own client database.*

*An Equity Builder monthly subscription cost applies; see the CENTUM Intranet for details.