Eliminate Expenses

Eliminate Expenses

Commission Advance Program

CENTUM Canada is the only Super Broker in the mortgage industry offering Advance Commissions. The CENTUM Commission Advance Program is fully integrated into Equity Builder, there is no double-entry for the Broker or Agent; the commission advance forms are pre-populated from the transaction information within Filogix.

Daily Electronic Commision Payments

CENTUM Canada simplifies your bookkeeping with daily electronic transfer of commission payments, detailed reports, and timely statements. All commission payments to Franchisees are made the same day commissions are received by CENTUM from lenders. Our Bank, the Toronto Dominion requires two days to process electronic transfers.

Group Medical and Dental Health Benefit Plans

Most Group Medical and Dental Health Benefit Plans require a minimum of 20 participants to qualify for group pricing, but the CENTUM Plans allow for discounted group pricing without the need for minimum participation. These Benefit Plans are available to any CENTUM Network member and their clients. Franchisees have recognized this as a real value-added for their clients because many are self employed or don’t have access to cost-effective coverage.

Here are some features of the Group Medical and Dental Health Benefit Plans:

  1. Three levels of coverage to choose from depending on needs
  2. Direct Pay Cards - no need to pay, submit, and wait for compensation…direct pay cards pay for medical costs right at the source
  3. Out-of-country medical coverage

Independent but not Alone - Intranet, Awards, Marketing Materials, and More

Each CENTUM office is independently owned and operated. This means you maintain control of all daily business decisions; you are not simply an employee of some large corporation. But you are not alone! CENTUM Franchisees benefit from participation in a large network of successful and experienced peers allowing new operators the opportunity to establish best practices even before they open for business. Further, CENTUM Canada provides ongoing operational support. We know that most Franchisees have neither the time nor the expertise to develop the training programs, system support materials, business planning tools, and technology necessary to stay on the cutting edge of the Financial Services industry.

Awards and Recognition Program
Motivate and retain your Agents and get the recognition you deserve for your own efforts through the CENTUM Awards and Recognition Program.

CENTUM Intranet
This is your single point of reference for all day-to-day business solutions - a proprietary information source with access to mortgage broker systems and tools, an extensive array of documents, business forms, and timely industry information.

We provide branded email addresses for Franchisees, Agents, and administrative staff through our secure and independent Web mail system.

Marketing Materials
Enhance credibility through a professionally developed corporate image and identity system - business cards, letterhead, email, websites, newsletters, and promotional pieces. A full complement of customizable marketing templates and newsletters are available to help you keep your customers informed and promote you and the CENTUM brand, including Custom Feature Sheets. These Feature Sheets are a useful marketing tool that rapidly generates listing-specific financial feature sheets for properties in cooperating real estate offices, elegantly promoting realtors with potential customers and getting your name in front of borrowers.

CENTUM Franchisees gain access to a team of qualified experts providing ongoing operational support, research and development of the training programs, system support materials, business planning tools, and technology necessary to stay on the cutting edge of the Financial Services industry.

Industry Leading Agent Training

Free Agent training courses are designed and hosted by the industry’s leading training organization, Kendrick Training.

Training includes 10 individual courses:

  1. Taking a Mortgage Application
  2. Reading Credit Reports
  3. Supporting Documentation
  4. Basic Mortgage Types
  5. Specific Mortgage Types
  6. Categorizing Lenders and Types of Lending
  7. Processing and Submitting Mortgage Files
  8. Reading Appraisal Reports and Real Estate Purchase Contents
  9. The Closing Process
  10. Alternative Lending Solutions

Integrated Back Office Management - Accounting, Payroll, and Brokerage Administration

Back office management is one of the biggest problems and expenses that a Franchisee faces today. Reduce the costs and headaches of your back office with the Equity Builder online system that tracks your Agent’s commissions to the penny. This system tracks volume bonuses, agent commissions and splits, sales pipeline and sales reporting capabilities of lender’s finder fees, accounting, payroll and more. The payroll and commission system is designed to work within the existing framework for each Franchisee.*

* A customization fee and Equity Builder monthly subscription cost applies; see the CENTUM Intranet for details.

Switching to CENTUM

Does the thought of making a change seem like a huge inconvenience and time consuming? At CENTUM, we are incredibly skilled at helping you make the change. We will work with you throughout the entire process and make the transition as simple as possible. As a Franchisee, once your transition is complete, our exclusive Equity Builder can automatically download all client and transaction information you and your office have ever entered into Filogix over the years; no double-entry required to create your own client database.*

* An Equity Builder monthly subscription cost applies; see the CENTUM Intranet for details.